Become a member of ARTP

Membership of the ARTP is based on a policy of inclusion. That means all Training Providers and Assessment Providers within the railway industry are eligible. There is no other association that looks after the specific needs of Railway Training Providers or Assessors, but be prepared to put as much in as you take out.

Joining ARTP

Our present criteria for joining the association is a candidate must have financial probity and acknowledge that it will abide by the Rules of the Association, agree to uphold and develop professionalism in railway training and commit to the criteria as listed in the ARTP Constitution.

For those involved with track safety subjects, proof of approval to train by RTAS accreditation and RISQS registration is necessary. For those involved in other disciplines, evidence of cleared audit by a recognised audit body is preferred.

Applications should be submitted to the ARTP Secretariat. The application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors of the ARTP who will make the final decision to accept the application for membership. The Membership application form must be completed fully. On successful application an invoice will be issued which must be paid in full within 21 days.

The ARTP Constitution and Membership Application form are available to download.


Members that fail to pay their Annual Subscription when required or threaten to bring the Association into disrepute will be subject to review by the Board and may have their membership suspended or cancelled.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact us by telephone on 01332 360033 or e-mail us at